5 Things I ensure as part of my Daily Self-Care Routine

Abhinav Gulechha
2 min readJul 5, 2022

Over the years into my self-care & spiritual practices, I have got one very important insight!

And it is that change can only happen if it the activity forms part of our daily routine.

If we learn everything & get all the knowledge & still not make it part of our daily routine, take it from me that you’ll not be able to see positive changes in yourself.

So, over the years, I’ve tried to be more mindful of my daily routine & have tried to ensure 5 activities as a MUST-HAVE in my daily routine:

1) Meditation

Some form of meditation helps us generate the energy of mindfulness in us. Helps us not to get stuck in people & situations throughout the day.

I practice Anapansati (breath awareness) two times a day 25 mns — simple & super-effective!

2) Aerobic Exercise

Some form of Aerobic exercise helps to release the toxins and energy of suppressed emotions in the body in the form of sweat & helps body release feel good harmones.

I make it a point to brisk walk twice a day for 20–25 mns.

3) Goal writing

Over the past years, I’ve realised (thanks to my mentor @Siddharth Rajsekar) that it is very imporatant to have a clear goal & set conscious intentions towards that goal.

So every day in the morning I visualise myself having achieved my goal & write my 2 pages of goals as if I have already achieved them.

I do them in combination with listening the audio “Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale

4) Spiritual Reading

Some form of spiritual reading in the evening helps me to be in the right mindset & gains right perspective towards a better way of living. In short, puts me in right stead!

Presently reading Zen — The Art of Simple Living by Shunryu Masuno.

5) Journalling

Mindful Living is my one thing and has contributed so much to my peace & wellbeing over the years. Some form of journalling in the evening on a daily basis helps me stay on track & allows me to urburden my mind.

Are some of these part of your go-to routine too? What have I missed above? Do share in comments.

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Abhinav Gulechha

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